Solar Installation

solar1Tired of Your Hydro Bill?

You’ve probably noticed that your electricity bill has been rising year after year and we know that with the possible sale of Hydro One and energy costs going up, this will never end. However, the sun’s energy is absolutely free! Of course, there is going to be a little bit of an investment to get started, but it can start to pay dividends within a few months in most cases. Imagine not having to pay your local power company a cent for the rest of your life?

Let us tell you how it works:


Ontario’s net metering regulation allows you to send electricity generated from your solar panels to your local hydro company electrical grid for a credit towards your energy costs.

How does it work?

Your local hydro company will subtract the value of electricity you supply to the grid from the value of what you take from the grid. What you’ll see on your bill is the “net” difference between those two amounts.

If your bill is zero or a credit, your bill will include only your local hydro company’s fixed monthly customer charge. And if you produced more energy than you used that day than you can carry the credit forward for up to one year to offset future costs.

solar3Ontario’s microFIT Program

Earn up to $100,000.00 with a Guaranteed 20 year microFIT contract with the Ontario Government


How does it work?

Solar Panel System solar5

Installed on sun facing roof areas. We design every system to maximize your earning potential.

Electrical Connectionsolar6

Your solar panel system is connected to your local hydro company grid. A second meter is installed to measure electricity produced.

Hydro Gridsolar7

All the energy your system produces is purchased by your local hydro company. Your power purchase agreement is now guaranteed for 20 years!

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