About Us


With over 30 years in the installing/building and general contracting industry, Your Ultimate Services Inc. prides themselves in their “can do” attitude with the willingness to tackle any project, any job and get it done.

Our customers describe Your Ultimate Services Inc. as:
* sincere       * dependable         * knowlegeable
* honest        * thorough              * high valued
* efficient      * hard working       * respectful
* friendly       * on time                * trustworthy

Meet our hard-working team

John McInerney
Fabric Sales Manager
Fabric Domes

John brings his cheerful and good-humoured manner to any project and ensures each customer is satisfied with the end result.

Eddie Bartlett
Project Manager
Solar & Water

Eddie specializes in the solar panel installation process from managing each project to installing the panels himself.

Cor Pannekoek
General Manager
Mary-Beth Pannekoek
Office Manager